World’s Top Diamond Producing Countries

Many of us own diamond pieces that are very special to us, such as engagement rings. Diamonds bring glamor and sparkle to our everyday lives, and they are considered precious in many cultures around the world. However, most people are unfamiliar with where their diamonds actually come from. There are many countries throughout the world that produce high-quality diamonds that are used in jewelry pieces and other luxury items. Here are the world’s top diamond producing countries.


RussiaThis large northern country contains many of the world’s best gems, and it has the biggest diamond industry in the world. ALROSA operates nearly 90 percent of the mines in the country, and they export rough cut diamonds throughout the world. Most of the diamond mines in Russia are located in the Siberian region of Yakutia. Some others are operated in Arkhangelsk, which is in the western region of the country. Russia is estimated to have huge reserves of diamonds in these locations and in others throughout the country. Because of its huge range of resources, Russia is able to produce diamonds of all sizes, shapes, and colors, although they are known in particular for their crystal shape.


BotswanaThis African country produces the highest value diamonds in the world, as well as being the second-largest producer of diamonds by volume. There are seven diamond mines throughout Botswana, the two largest of which are operated by a large diamond production company called De Beers. Like Russia, Botswana is able to produce diamonds in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.


Democratic Republic of CongoAlthough Congo produces huge numbers of diamonds each year, many of these diamonds come through illegal or informal production channels, instead of through mines run by established companies. There are many independent miners throughout the country, which tend to produce the best quality goods. There is one established diamond prod

uction company in Congo, which is called Miniere de Bakwange. This is a collaboration between the government in the Congo and a Belgian diamond production company. However, this company tends to produce lower quality diamonds than its independent counterparts.


AustraliaThis Oceanic country is home to one of the biggest mines in the world, called Argyle. It produces a huge 12 million carats of diamonds each year. There are also two other mines in Australia. Although this country isn’t as well known for producing gem quality diamonds, it produces a huge number of gorgeous colored diamonds, particularly pink, red, yellow, brown, and purple.